Some of our independent publisher clients

  • Alazar Press
  • Bardo Press
  • Cotton Patch Press, Inc.
  • Excellence in Performance
  • Generation/Madeira Books
  • G219 Productions Limited
  • Hilltop House Publishing
  • Innovative Caregiving Solutions
  • John Marr Press
  • Lion & Butterfly Books for Children
  • Marrelli & Associates
  • Phoenix Press
  • Ryan Pyle Productions
  • Safe Harbor Books
  • Southern Lion Books
  • SpiritSong
  • 3Dot Publishing
  • Twelve Tables Press

“My book is on Amazon because of the knowledgeable, efficient, and competent help I received from BW&A Books. I entered their offices naive about how to create a book from my manuscript. Barbara Williams and her team, with extraordinary kindness, patience, and attention to detail, smoothly guided me through what seemed like a complicated maze of aesthetic, financial, and technological decisions. I am so pleased with my beautifully designed book. Technology whiz Julie Allred skillfully worked with Amazon’s CreateSpace, freeing me from dealing with frustrating electronic complexities. Throughout the process, I felt as though I was being cared for by guiding angels!”
—Helen Spielman, performance anxiety coach, author of A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music

“Bryan’s seminal collections of slave songs and ‘sorrow songs’…have been reissued, updated, and beautifully redesigned.”
—The Horn Book review of Alazar Press’s Walk Together Children and I’m Going to Sing