You provide the manuscript. BW&A delivers a book of enduring quality and beauty. We are also happy to provide our services on an “a la carte” basis (design and typesetting only, for example). Our skills include:

  • realistic estimating
  • experienced project management
  • creative scheduling to meet your deadline
  • designing book interiors and exteriors
  • typesetting and layout
  • scanning and art adjustment
  • print production
  • editorial coordination with the authors
  • copyediting
  • proofreading
  • indexing


BW&A’s designers have decades of experience in creating elegant books aimed squarely at each publisher’s intended audience. All the decisions—typeface and margins, art sizing, binding cloth and foil stamping—are part of creating a coherent graphic identity that supports and expresses the author’s words. One of our strengths in design is our knowledge of typesetting, art, manufacturing, and budgets: when design adjustments are needed, or manufacturing plans change, BW&A can adapt gracefully.


We care about type and we are known for our graceful art layouts and high composition standards. Press designers know they can count on us to design unexpected elements on the fly and turn complicated messes into beautiful books.


Many of our projects involve large quantities of art. We have extensive art production experience, a professional flat-bed scanner, calibrated monitors, and solid Photoshop skills. On color critical books, we check art proofs and work directly with the printer and artist/photographer. We use batch scripts on live scans to maximize quality and efficiency while still allowing for custom adjustments.


We usually subcontract editorial work to freelance copyeditors and proofreaders, many of whom work in the university press community. We also subcontract and supervise cartography and indexing services, coordinating such work within the overall production process.


BW&A Books, Inc. gladly advises and assists our clients with the entire book production process. We draw on our 50 years of combined experience to devise the best workflow for each project, whether traditional offset printing or print-on-demand. We check quality, cost, and schedule throughout—from manuscript to book delivery. As one sage quipped: “Book production is a series of endless details, none of which matter unless overlooked.” We take care of every detail.


We can help you with many publishing issues, including ISBNs and bar codes, Library of Congress cataloging, copyright registration, permissions, self-publishing, ebook conversions, and fulfillment.