What is the difference between a publisher & a book producer like BW&A Books, Inc.?

A publisher vouches for the book’s content, finances the project, benefits from the sales, and markets the book to the public. BW&A provides publishing services (e.g., design, typesetting, and project management) to both established publishers and to groups wishing to publish.


I am a first-time publisher. What issues do I need to think about?

We enjoy helping authors and organizations bring their books to a wider audience. We want you to understand and enjoy the process as well. Here are some considerations for new publishers.

Do you have any guidelines for manuscript and art preparation?

While we are flexible and work with many different press styles, our work is easier if you follow these guidelines.

What are BW&A’s composition standards?Our design and composition quality standards have been developed over many years working on university press books. We are happy to use your press style. In the absence of other instructions, we will follow our house style.


How do I get pricing information?

Each book is different. Please call 919-956-9111 or email bwa@bwabooks.com. One of BW&A’s partners will be glad to talk with you. To prepare a proposal for complete production (from unedited manuscript to delivery of books), we will ask some questions.

What are some typical project workflows?

We have outlined some possible workflows on our Case Studies page.